Poker Analyzing System

A poker analyzing system is usually made up of four parts: barcoded playing cards, a scanner, an analyzer and an earpiece.You can approach us for the whole system or any of its components.

Barcoded Playing Cards:
We can process normal playing cards of various brands, including Aviator, Bee, Bicycle, Copag, KEM, Fournier, Da Vinci, Modiano and so on,  into barcoded poker cards with advanced technology and sophisticated equipment. There is nearly no chromatic aberration between the processed playing cards and the unprocessed playing cards in spite of the printed barcodes, which can stay unfading for as long as two years.

We have a large stock of scanners, including mobile phones, power banks, USB cables, lighters, cigarette cases, ashtrays, watches, bead bracelets, wallets, water bottles, tissue boxes, leather belts, car keys, key rings, handbags and so on, which all look very normal in spite of the poker scanning camera hidden inside them.

As an agent of AKK analyzers, we can provide you with the latest AKK analyzing devices, including K4, K5, A1 and the newest one A2.

You can hear poker results predicted by our AKK poker analyzers through the tiny earpiece within 0.5s after they complete the analysis of the transferred data.

If you want to use a poker analyzing system to help yo win money in such poker games as Omaha, Texas holdem and Baccarat, welcome to contact us!