Poker Camera for Scanning 8 Barcode Marked Decks

The special poker camera with super-wide scanning rang can scan 8 edge marked cdecks contained in a transparent Baccarat poker shoe. 

We usually hide the poker camera lens in a common power bank. It can scan 8 edge marked decks quickly and accurately within 70 to 100cm from the Baccarat poker shoe.

Such a camera lens, with WiFi function, is not intended for poker analyzer, but for an APP software called SMART Dcam, which can be downloaded in both Android and Apple cellphones. This software can clearly present the scanned image of the edge marked cards sent from the poker camera lens. It also has the function of taking photos, allowing you to send the picture of the scanned image to your cheating partner.

The edge marked cards are special as well for the combination of the barcodes’ position and length determines what points they represent. According to such barcodes, your partner can figure out what poker result is gonna come out in Baccarat and then tell you the information through a speaker and an earpiece. If you need such edge marked cards, we can make them for you as well!

If you are interested in such a special poker camera, please feel free to contact us!