Poker Cheat Hidden Camera Lens for Poker Cheat

The poker cheat camera can be hidden inside our many items like a car key, a lighter or a TV. This camera plays a very important role in poker analyzer system. Today, I will introduce its main features to you as follows.

First of all, the
poker cheat hidden camera is usually built in our daily articles like a cigarette box. It can help you cheat in a very secret way. Second, the scanning distance of the camera can be different in line with the cheating occasions. The scanning distance may be a short distance camera( with 90cm) or a long distance camera (1-6m), so you can choose the one you need. Third, the poker cheat hidden camera is special for reading the side marked cards and sending the codes of cards to the poker analyzer that is able to analyze the final result as you requirements. In addition, the poker cheat hidden camera can be custom by our company. We are able to design the perfect one according to your needs. The custom camera will meet your needs under different conditions.

If you take an interest in our poker cheat hidden camera lens, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.