Poker Cheat Mini Camera for Various Items

With the increasing numbers of people in the pursuit of playing poker cards, the gambling is becoming more and more popular. In order to get a better result in poke gambling, many players will utilize the high-tech products to help them win easily. And the poker cheat mini camera is one of the advanced poker cheating products.  

Poker players use the poker cheat mini camera hidden in our daily items that other people will not suspect. Those items can be a car key, a lighter, a mobile phone, a water dispenser or other routine stuff. With the help of those items to hide the poker cheat camera, the information of cards can be scanned by the camera secretly and smoothly and the games can be won easily. We provide you the poker cheat camera with best quality all over in the world.

Specification :
1.The poker cheat mini camera can be used at any type of poker gambling.
2.It is a HD camera lens so that the
side marked cards can be read clearly at any angle.
3.It is very easy to operate and the marks on the sides of cards can be read clearly by this camera lens.
4.The scanning distance can vary from 10cm to 6 meters in accordance with you specific needs.

The poker cheat mini camera is an excellent poker cheating device for success. If you are interested in it, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.