Poker Marks Readers for Sale

Our company has two types of poker marks readers for sale: one is for reading back marked cards, and the other is for reading edge marked cards.

If you need poker marks readers for edge marked cards, we can install our scanning camera lens into smoke detector, fluorescent lamp, ceiling tile, TV set and other items for you.

If you want poker marks readers for back marked cards , we can provide you with cell phone poker marks reader, chip tray poker marks reader, car key poker marks reader, watch poker marks reader, wallet poker marks reader, lighter poker marks reader, ashtray poker marks reader, tissue box poker marks reader, cigarette case poker marks reader, power bank poker marks reader and so on.

Poker marks readers for edge marked cards usually have a short scanning distance ( within 20 to 80 centimeters ), including all of those mentioned above, and poker marks readers for back marked cards usually have a long scanning distance ( about 1 to 5 meters ). If you are looking for a poker marks reader with long scanning distance, you can try our black box poker marks reader, power strip poker marks reader, plastic flowerpot poker marks reader or emergency light poker marks reader etc..

If you are interested in any of these poker marks readers mentioned above, welcome to contact us!