Poker Scanners Available in Various Types

Our poker scanners are available in various types. Have a look at the following list, some of them may arouse your interest!
                      poker scanner for back marked cards
TV set, security camera, smoke detector, wall clock, ceiling lamp, LED light...
                       poker scanner for edge marked cards
   scanning distance
mobile phone, power bank, USB cable
button, zipper, sleeve, leather belt
cigarette, lighter, cigarette box, ashtray
watch, bracelet, wrist band, wrist guard
chip tray, Baccarat buttons, odds calculator
wallet, small handbag, water bottle, tissue box
   scanning distance
black box, plastic flowerpot, power strip, TV set, emergency light, LED light, wooden chair...

If you want to have detailed information about any of the poker scanners on the above list, welcome to contact us!