Portable Wallet Camera Lens for Cards Scanning

The analyzer camera lenses are necessary for scanning side marked cards at poker analyzer system. In order to operate secret poker cheating, these lenses can be secretly hidden inside our daily items such as a car key, a cell phone or a ashtray. In today’s lecture, I will share our portable wallet camera lenses for reading the cards conveniently and easily. 
There is no doubt that a camera lens has been built inside a wallet. With good concealment, other players fail to notice it. In poker cheat gambling, the wallet camera needs to work with a poker analyzer to analyze the poker result. Reading the side marked cards clearly at any angle, it will send the information of cards to the analyzer at a high speed. Within 0.1S, you will know the result through the mini earpiece. In the end, you will play cautiously and confidently according to your knowing. Meanwhile, it is very convenient to take into a casino. Just put it on the poker table and nobody will find any clue from your behaviors. 
The portable wallet camera lens is excellent for cards cheating. Please contact us for further information if you have demand for it.