Power Bank Mini Camera to Read Side Marked Cards

Power bank can be utilized tactfully and effectively at poker gambling cheating. We will fix a camera lens inside it and it can be applied to reading the side marked cards at poker analyzer system.
The scanning distance of the power bank mini camera can be within 90cm and you can customize the specific reading distance as well. The camera lens inside the power bank is very mini and with good concealment, it will not be noticed by other players at all when you put it on the poker table. By light of HD feature, the power bank mini camera is capable of reading the side marked cards with 100% accuracy and then will send the card’s information to the poker analyzer that is powerful to analyze the final result you need. Besides, your power bank can be processed by us and we will design perfectly in line with your needs.
If you are looking for a camera to read the side marked cards, the power bank mini camera is ideal for you.