Powerful TV Long Distance Covert Camera

The TV is seen commonly in our life. Of course, it is also common in many casinos. In poker cheating field, this is not only a TV in gamble but also a useful poker cheating device. Yes, the TV can be served as a powerful poker cheating tool to win the poker games easily.

We has been built a mini covert camera inside the TV, and others will not pay attention to it at all. This is a long distance camera, which the marked cards can be read at a longer distance about 6 meters. Together with the poker analyzer, the
TV long distance covert camera will complete the game in a smooth way. With the high speed and 100% accuracy to read the marked cards, the powerful TV camera will send the information of cards to the poker analyzer decoding. And finally, you will get the result reported by the analyzer. The TV long distance covert camera can be customized as well. You can build one camera or two cameras inside and the scanning distance is also allowed to be custom if you have a need.

The TV camera is very powerful and secret in your poker cheating. Why not choose it to enhance your winning? Please have a try!