Samsung Cell Phone Hidden Camera in Cheating

The Samsung cell phone as one of the famous phone brands can be regarded as a useful poker cheating device. Fixed a hidden camera inside, this phone are special for reading the side marked cards at poker cheating. Now. Let me specify it as follows.

First of all, the Samsung cell phone hidden camera is a real cell phone so that the functions of common cell phones can be available. Second, it is secret in cheating. Due to its common in our daily life, nobody will pay attention to it even if you put it on the poker table. Last, the most import feature is that it is special to read the
side marked cards and send the information of cards to the poker analyzer that is able to decode the cards and report the final poker result to you. With this hidden camera for your poker analyzer, you will have more chances to win and enjoy the excited feeling in cheating.

The Samsung cell phone hidden camera for the poker analyzer can be applied to many poker games like Texas, Omaha and Flush. If you are interested in it, please tell us your needs.