Small Handbag Poker Scanner with 3 Poker Cameras

Many of our poker scanners usually have one or two poker cameras inside, while there are three poker cameras installed inside our small handbag poker scanner.

The small handbag is made of leather, suitable for both man and women. As for the three poker cameras, one has short scanning distance, while two have long scanning distance. They are all extremely concealable, pretty hard to be discovered by other guys.

In the cheating process, the poker camera(s) will first scan barcode marked cards quickly, then collect the cards’ information and last send the data to a poker analyzer immediately, which can be PK King, CVK or AKK series. After the poker analyzer completes the analysis of the data, you will hear the poker results through the mini earpiece in your ear. In this case, nobody else but you can know the poker results in advance.

If you are interested in our small handbag poker scanner, welcome to contact us!