Spain Plastic Fournier 2818 Marked Playing Cards Red / Blue

As a kind of popular poker playing cards, the plastic Fournier 2818 marked playing cards were made in Spain. Because of their popularity, many players around the world are inclined to use them. Made of 100% finest plastic, they supply unparalleled comfort with players. Enjoying good durability, they are not bent and can be fold with 360 degree. Of course, those cards can stand the test of recycling use and washing. Thus, most of poker playing people can not refuse to them. 
There are two colors of the Spain plastic Fournier 2818 playing cards: red color and blue one. In poker playing cheating, they can be utilized well to support a useful way for those people who would like to do something in poker gambling filed. Those cards can be specially processed into marked playing cards which can be designed into three types: Spain plastic Fournier 2818 back marked playing cards read by IR / UV contact lenses, IR / UV sunglasses, Spain plastic Fournier 2818 back marked playing for spy camera lenses reading, and Spain plastic Fournier 2818 bar codes marked playing cards for poker analyzers. The same as the common Fournier 2818 poker cards, they have 54 playing cards (including two jokers) whose faces are Jumbo Index. 
In order to give you a specific understanding of those marked playing cards, I will share them with you as follows: 
Spain Plastic Fournier 2818 Back Marked Playing Cards for IR / UV Contact Lenses
Printed with luminous ink on back, the Spain plastic Fournier 2818 back marked playing cards can be marked with a big front in the middle or a small number in four corners. There is no doubt that we can accept your special customization in line with your reasonable requirements. With the purpose operating a secret cheating, you need choose one pair of IR/ UV contact lenses to see the invisible marks on the back of marked cards clearly so that you will have prior ability to know the poker face of next card and play the following steps with huge confidence. In the whole sections, nobody will find any clue from your actions as long as you keep calm. 
Spain Plastic Fournier 2818 Back Marked Playing Cards for Spy Camera Lenses
This kind of marked playing cards are marked with invisible mark on the back. Different from the marked cards for contact lenses reading, the Fournier 2818 back marked playing cards are specially read by the spy camera lenses that can be concealable for cheating. Thus, other readers fail to read them. For the sake of convenience, it supports WIFI to send the signal to a TV showing the marks on the screen. There are three levels of definition of spy camera lenses for your consideration: 360P, 720P and 1080P. The higher level it is, the more clear you can see on screen. By taking this good chance to know the poker face in advance, you will get more opportunities to make a big bet without loss. 
Spain Plastic Fournier 2818 Bar codes  Marked Playing Cards for Poker Analyzers
Another Fournier 2818 bar codes marked playing cards are designed to be recognized by the poker analyzers reading. The poker analyzers is a powerful device that can decode the bar codes and report the final poker result to you within 0.3S through the mini earpiece. The bar codes on edge of cards ware unreadable from our naked eyes but accurately read by the camera lens. By meas of this good way to cheating, you are capable of knowing the poker results in a very effective way. The results can be illustrated by the poker analyzer in different forms, such as the biggest winner hand, the second winner hand or each poker player’ poker hand ranking. In the end, winning will become very reliable and easy.
From the above mentioned description, I believe you have a little knowledge of Spain plastic Fournier 2818 marked playing cards. If you have an interest in knowing further information of them, please contact us at any your spare time!