Spy Camera in CCTV Camera at Poker Cheat

Many card playing occasions have a CCTV for the security’s sake. The CCTV camera can be also applied to poker cheating. We fix a poker cheat spy camera inside it to read the back marked cards for winning. Now,. I will share the spy camera inside CCTV at your poker cheat.

The spy camera is very mini to be hidden inside the CCTV and nobody will pay attention to it at all. This camera has special function to read the invisible marks on the back of cards. Those marks are luminous from our naked eyes or perspective lenses but for the spy camera reading so that you will cheat in a more secret way. When the
spy camera reads the back marked cards, it will send the signal of cards to a TV that can analyze the result and show the poker faces on the back ground. From this TV, your partner can know the poker results and tell you results in the end. The spy camera at you poker cheat is suitable for all poker playing games like Blackjack, Texas and Omaha. With it, you winning odds will be increased largely.

Just contact us if you have an interest in this useful spy camera. It can enhance your winning as you expected.