T-shirt Button Mini Camera for Poker Analyzer

The T-shirt button can be utilized tactfully for cards playing cheating. In today’s lecture, I will share our T-shirt button mini camera with you in poker analyzer system cheating.
The T-shirt button camera is very mini, and with good concealment, other players will not notice it at all. Furthermore, the camera is a HD scanner so that the barcode marked cards can be read by it with 100% accuracy at a high speed. Used at poker games, the T-shirt button mini camera will read the marked cards speedily and clearly, then it will send the information of cards to the poker analyzer that has strong ability to decode the bar codes and analyze the result in line with your setting. Finally, you will receive the poker result through the mini earpiece or Bluetooth. In addition, this camera can be customized if you have special requirements. For example, the scanning distance can be made according to your cheating needs.
The T-shirt button mini camera can be excellent for poker analyzer to win easily. Please have a try to use it for enhancing your winning chances!