TV Long Distance Camera for GPS Poker Analyzer in Texas

In many poker rooms, there is a TV. Therefore, we can take this good chance to fix a camera inside the TV for the GPS poker analyzer. The powerful camera together with the powerful poker analyzer will create an unbelievable effect in Texas poker cheat.
TV camera is a long distance camera which can scan the marked cards at a longer distance than the short distance camera. There is a remote control to adjust the distance between the camera and the marked cards, which ensures that the marked cards can be read accurately. The GPS poker analyzer has a powerful function to analyze marked cards. After the TV camera scans the marked cards, it will send the codes of marked cards to the GPS poker analyzer that will decode the codes of cards and tell you final result within 0.3S. It can tell you different poker results in line with your requirement. If you want to know the direct winner hand, the GPS poker analyzer will tell you the first winner hand, the second winner hand even rank of each poker hand. In addition to this, if you want to know the pre-flop, the GPS can tell you the values and the suits of the flop.
TV long distance camera for the GPS poker analyzer will help your Texas poker game make a great achievement. Just increase your winning odds with them. If you are interested in them, please call or email us.