TV Long Distance Camera for Poker Analyzer at Flush

The TV long distance camera is special for secret poker playing cheat. Together with the poker analyzer, it can scan the side marked cards clearly. Today, I will share the TV long distance camera for the poker analyzer at Flush poker cheat.

The TV long distance camera enjoys the excellent position on wall to scan the
side marked cards at a proper range. This scanning distance of this camera can reach at 6 meters that is longer than the short distance camera so that it can meet your needs under a long distance cheating. The TV long distance camera can support for any kind of poker analyzer. After scanning side marked cards, it will send the codes of cards to the poker analyzer that can report suits and points of all cards to you. Knowing the poker faces in advance, you will have more chances to know the next card you will get from poker table or other players’ poker hand. Finally, the winning odds will be increased largely. And you don’t need to worry your losses at Flush game.

The TV long distance camera is a HD camera. With this device foe your poker analyzer, you will have a more enjoyable and successful poker cheat.