Table Camera Lens for Poker Analyzer System

The analyzer camera lens is a very vital role in reading the barcode marked cards for poker analyzer system. In order to cheat without any suspect from other players, the camera will be hidden in items in our daily life such as a car key, a lighter, a clock or a mobile phone. The poker table is also a good tool to hide the camera.
Many poker tables can be specially processed like Texas poker table and Baccarat poker table. The camera fixed in the table can read the cards at any angle. With powerful reading function, the table camera is able to read the barcode marked cards with 100% accuracy, then will send the card’s information to the poker analyzer decoding in a highly efficient manner. In addition, it is a high definition camera so that the cards will be read accurately even in a dark light. It is worthwhile to mention that we accept your special customization about this device. For example, you table can be processed by us or you can tell us to fix how many camera lenses you need. With the help of this camera, the whole cheating can be operated more smoothly and successfully.
The table camera is ideal for concealable poker cheat. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in it!