Table Hidden Camera to Read Barcode Marked Cards

The poker playing tables can be processed as the poker cheating devices to aid winning easily and secretly. With this camera, you will gain more chances to master games under your control.
All kinds of poke tables can be specially designed to read the barcode marked cards in poker analyzer system cheating such as Texas Holdem table and Baccarat poker table. The camera fixed inside the table with good concealment is a HD camera so that the cards can be read clearly at any angle. The scanning distance of the table hidden camera can be within 90 cm and any scanning distance you can customize if you have special needs. Reading the cards with 100% accuracy, it will finish its working in a highly efficient way and then will send the information of cards to the poker analyzer decoding without any mistake. Finally, you will get the result you need before the cards dealt.
If you are looking for a secret camera in a poker analyzer system, the table hidden camera is an ideal device for winning smoothly and efficiently.