Table Mini Camera Lens for Poker Analyzer

All kinds of poker table can be utilized tactfully for poker gambling cheat like Texas Holdem poker table, Omaha poker table or Baccarat poker table. We will fix a mini camera lens in the table edge for reading the marked cards secretly at poker cheat. Now, I will specify it as follows:
First of all, the camera lens inside the poker table will not be suspected by other players because of its mini size and excellent concealment. Second, it is available for you to fix one or two lenses inside the table. Third, used in poker gambling, the table mini camera need work with a poker analyzer to finish the cheating smoothly. Last, as for its function, with the powerful reading function, it has strong capability to read the barcode marked cards with a hundred percent of accuracy. Then, the information of the cards will be sent by it to the poker analyzer decoding at a high speed. Any kind of poker analyzers can be available for this camera. You table can be processed by us if you need customization. 
The table mini camera lens for poker analyzer will be wonderful to help you win in an easier way. Please feel free to contact us if you have an interest in it!