The Camera Lenses inside Different Objects for Poker Cheati

The poker cheat camera lenses can be fixed in many objects to help players win the games. Now I will introduce two kinds of camera lenses in terms of their scanning distance. 
1. Short Distance Cameras
Short distance cameras are often fixed inside the light and portable things such as a lighter, a car key or a phone, and so on. The scanning distance of this kind of camera is about within 90cm. If you need a fixed scanning distance, we can custom for you.
2. Long Distance Cameras
Long distance cameras also play an important role in cheating system. They are suitable for being fixed into the objects in a fixed position. Their distance to the cards can be maximum 6 meters with a wide scanning range. Our main products of long distance cameras have TV long distance camera, water dispenser camera, currency count machine long distance camera…etc.
Whatever the short distance camera lenses or the long distance camera lenses are, both can help you achieve huge achievement in poker games. They are available for all poker games like Texas, Blackjack and Omaha.
The camera lenses inside the objects can help you secretly cheat and win the games. If you have demand for them, just feel free to call or email us.