The IR Sunglasses and the Bee Marked Cards in Texas

There are two kinds of Bee marked cards supplied by our company. One is paper marked card and the other is the plastic one. Both can be seen as cheating means in poker cheat field. The Bee marked cards be identified by IR sunglasses can help you win at Texas Holdem.

Bee marked cards are well welcome by many players. Those cards are marked by the invisible ink on them. Those marks on the back of cards are invisible from the naked eyes but to be read by our IR sunglasses. This is not a pair of common sunglasses but a processed one. With the help of the IR sunglasses, you can read suits and values of all cards and know the poker faces of all players. This is a good chance for you to master the Texas Holdem without any difficulty. You can act well in this game according to your knowing and nobody will find any trace from this cheating.

Whatever the Bee marked cards or the IR sunglasses, both can be customized in line with your specific requirement. If have a taste for them, pleases don’t hesitate to contact us soon as possible.