The Latest Perspective Table to See Non-marked Cards


There are many methods in poker cheating such as the back marked cards for IR lens and side marked cards for camera and poker analyzer. Today, I will share our latest perspective table with you. The perspective table helps you win the poker games secretly and easily.

The  table has a spy camera inside, which can see the non-marked cards. As we have mentioned many camera lenses that need to work with the marked cards, while the perspective table can read the regular cards. This is its biggest difference from other poker cheat camera lenses. The perspective table camera can read poker faces at any angle and then send the signal to the TV or PC on the background. Your partner can know the poker results on screen and tell you final result you need.

The perspective table can be customized in line with your needs. You can send your own poker table to us or use our poker table to be processed. The perspective camera can be applied to many poker games such as Texas, Omaha, Blackjack, and so on. If you have a taste for it, please call or email us in your spare time.