The Magic IR Sunglasses for Marked Poker Cards

Do you want a pair of cool and fashionable sunglasses? If you are a card player, do you want to win the games by means of a magic cheating device? We have cool IR sunglasses for your poker games.
There is no difference between IR sunglasses and ordinary sunglasses. But the former can be used in cheating. They are not harmful to your eyes even if you wear them outside for a long time. Infrared sunglasses are for marked playing cards. Those cards are printed by invisible ink on back so that others cannot see by their naked eyes. The marks representing points and suits of cards will be seen clearly under IR sunglasses. What a magic device it is! The custom products are also in the scope of our business. Therefore, we accept your particular customization of IR sunglasses.
IR sunglasses can be used in Texas Hold’em, Blackjack, Baccarat, Flush etc poker games. With IR contact lenses, you can win casino game, club game and home game easily, and even you will become the millionaire.