The Wallet Mini Camera To Cheat in Poker Games

The wallet is commonly used in many people. Many people will carry a wallet with them to go outside. This portable wallet can be fixed a mini camera inside to help you cheat in poker games. Today, I will share this useful wallet mini camera with you in poker cheat.

wallet camera can be also used to hold money or bank cards while those will not influence the normal working process of the camera. This camera inside the wallet which will not be noticed by other people. Please feel free to put it on the poker table, the camera can scan the cards very fast and precisely and then send the signal to the poker analyzer that can decode the codes of cards and report the poker results you need. The wallet camera is very useful for the poker analyzer and it is available for all poker analyzers. The scanning distance of this camera is within 90cm. If you need, we can also custom the specific focus for you.

The wallet mini camera lens is very secret and effective used in poker playing cheating. If you taken an interest in this camera, just contact us.