The Water Dispenser Camera and V68 Poker Analyzer in Texas

The  camera lens and poker analyzer are extremely loved by players who have known those chetaing ways before. The analyzer system is playing an important role in poker cheating field. Today, I will share our water dispenser camera lens and V68 poker analyzer in your Texas poker game.

Thers are two kinds of poker cheat camera lenses as regards the scanning distance: the short distance camera and the long distance camera. The
water dispenser camera is the long distance one which can scan edge marked cards at a range of 6 meters. There is nothing to put on the poker table, and you can put the V68 poker analyzer into your pocket, which will not affect its normal fuction at all. After the water dispenser camera sends the signal to the V68 poker analyzer, the V68 poker analyzer will decode the codes of cards at a high speed and report Texas results within 0.3S by the wireless earpiece. It can tell you the first winner hand, the second poker hand, or rank of eack poker hand in line with your setting of Texas rules. Besides, if you want to know the pre-flop, the V68 poker analyzer can also meet your needs. With those useful tools, mastering the Texas is not hard for you. You can bet biggest or fold in the game freely.  

The water dispenser camera and the V68 poker analyzer can make you win money in poker games. Besides the Texas, they are also applied to Omaha, Blackjack, Andar bahar...etc. If you interest in them, please feel free to contact us. I believe you will satisfy our advaned cheating devices.