Transparent Poker Dealing Shoe for Poke Analyzer

The transparent poker dealing shoe is widely used in casinos. In poker cheating filed, the poker shoe can serve as a cheating device to win games easily. In the following sections, I will share our poker shoe to cheat in poker analyzer system. 
The high-capability transparent poker dealing shoe looks no difference from the regular poker dealing shoes. It is able to hold 8 decks and great for Blackjack, Baccarat, Hand & Foot, and other multi-deck card games. Used in poker analyzer system, it can hold the barcode marked cards. It is necessary to add a camera lens and a poker analyzer to cheat at games. The camera lens can be hidden inside a cell phone or a lighter. Reading the barcode marked cards in poker dealing shoe, the camera lens will send the cards to the poker analyzer that is capable of decoding the cards and analyze the result you need. The analyze will report the suits and points of next cards, knowing the next card in advance, you will decide to choose to make a betting on Player or Bank. Thus, your winning will be enhanced strongly. 
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