Transparent Poker Shoe for Punto Banco Gambling

The rules of Punto Banco playing is the same as Baccarat poker game. After dealing two cards, you need wager on House or Player. Winning this game mainly depends on good luck. If you want to increase your winning in this game, the transparent poker shoe is a good choice for you.
The transparent poker shoe has been processed by us, but there is no difference between it and common one in appearance. The special thing of the poker shoe is that there is a camera lens fixed inside it. Used in Punto Banco, the camera should work with a poker analyzer and barcode marked cards. After the cards put inside the poker shoe, the camera will read the cards with 100% accuracy and then send the codes of cards to the poker analyzer that is able to decode the codes and analyze who is winner in this round: House or Player. After knowing the poker result before you make a betting, you arr capable of wagering without any risk. That means you can win at any time you want. 
The transparent poker shoe will help you win successfully at Punto Banco or Baccarat. Just contact us for more details if you have a need.