USB Cable IR Camera for Poker Analyzer System Cheating

The IR camera for poker analyzer cheating is a basic device. We have been researching and developing more and more advanced devices to give you a hand to cheat secretly and effectively. The USB cable IR camera is one of them for accelerating your success quickly. 
There is a mini IR camera lens fixed inside the USB cable to read the barcode marked cards. Any brand of USB cable can be processed by us. When you use the USB cable IR camera for your poker analyzer system, it should work with a poker analyzer. Reading the barcode marked cards with 100% accuracy at a high speed, this camera will send the signal of cards to the poker analyzer that has strong ability to analyze the poker result by the mini earpiece. It is able to support all generations of poker analyzers in the market like V68 poker analyzer, K20 poker analyzer or latest CVK 350 poker analyzer. With this device for your poker gambling, there is no problem for you to handle the games under your control. 
If you have a need for our USB cable IR camera, please feel free to contact us for more details. In addition, we also accept your special customization.