Useful Marked Poker Playing Cards

Marked cards have been performed a very useful role in poker cheating field. They offer you many effective ways to cheat secretly and efficiently. Today, I will introduce our main marked cards to you.

Back Marked Cards
Printed with special invisible marks on the back, the back
marked cards can be available for many poker games. Those marks cannot be seen by our naked eyes, and they are special for IR lenses or spy camera reading. With the back marked cards for your poker cheat, you will have more chances to win.

Side Marked Cards
Side marked cards are suitable for the camera lens reading and poker analyzer decoding. Like the back marked cards, the barcode on sides of cards is invisible from our naked eyes, so they are very secret in cheating. Most of side marked cards are made of plastic, which enjoys good quality and hand feel. We provide you with many kinds of high-quality plastic side marked cards like the Fournier2818 plastic marked cards and
Bicycle plastic marked cards. Side marked cards extend the poker cheating with a wide range.    

Whether the back marked cards or side marked cards, they are able to help you cheat in an easier way. If you have an interest in them, please contact us.