Wallet Spy Camera for V68 Poker Soothsayer

Soothsayer also called analyzer, predictor, calculator players a very important role in poker analyzer system. The V68 poker soothsayer is one of the powerful poker analyzers. When you use a poker soothsayer that does not belong to an all-in-one tool, it is necessary for you to choose a good poker cheat camera to cooperate with it. The wallet spy poker cheat camera is a better one for the V68 poker soothsayer.

The wallet put on the poker table is a very common action. Nobody will notice that there is a camera fixed inside. The wallet camera has a high speed of scanning side marked cards clearly and send the data of cards to the
V68 poker soothsayer. And then the V68 poker soothsayer will decode the codes of cards immediately and report the poker results to you within 0.3S by the wireless mini earpiece. The wallet spy camera lens has a good position to scan the cards on the poker table and it is a HD camera so that ensures your poker cheat to finish in a high-efficiency way. With the wallet camera for the V68 poker soothsayer, you will achieve what you want in poker games.

From the above-mentioned details, we can know that the wallet spy camera is perfect for the V68 poker soothsayer. If you take an interest in it, you can tell us.