Water Cup Edge Marked Cards Scanner

In addition to being a container for water, water cup available from our company, with poker camera(s) installed inside, can also be used as an edge marked cards scanner for poker cheat.

The poker camera is installed in the bottom of the cup. You can fill the cup with water without causing any influence on the camera.

The camera is completely concealable and other people won’t be able to discover its existence. In order for the camera to scan marked cards, you need to keep the car key 20-40cm from the cards. Within this distance, the camera can scan barcode marked cards with fast speed, high accuracy and strong stability.

After drinking the water, you can put the cup wherever is good for the camera to scan the marked cards that have been shuffled already.

Apart from water cup, we can also install our poker camera(s) in power bank, car key, leather wallet, tissue box and many other common things to avoid attracting suspicion from other people. If you are looking for an edge marked cards scanner for your poker analyzer system, welcome to contact us!