What Can AKK A2 Let You Know

Our AKK A2 is one of the latest poker predicting systems in the market. It can predict poker results before dealing cards in different ways.

First, it can tell you the best poker hand: if it reports "3", it means that the third player has the best poker hand on the table.

Second, it can tell you the best and the second best poker hands: if it reports "5, 6", it means that the fifth player will have the best poker hand and the sixth player will get the second best poker hand.

Third, it can tell you the ranks of the all players at the table: if it reports "4, 1, 8, 7, 3, 6, 5, 2", that means the first player rank forth, the second player rank first and the third player gets the worst poker hand and so on

Fourth, it can tell you he arrangement of the whole deck: reporting the cards from the bottom one to the top one.

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