Wholesale Barcode Marked Playing Cards

In poker analyzer system, the barcode marked playing cards are necessary parts. With their help, you will master poker games in a very easy and effective way. They can be applied to Texas, Omaha, Blackjack and many other poker games. In addition to retail, we have an extensive wholesale business. If you want to order with large quality, we will give you wholesale price about these marked cards.
The barcode marked cards also called side marked cards or edge marked cards. They are printed with invisible bar codes on edges and our naked eyes fail to see them. They are specially designed to be read by camera lens and decoded by the poker analyzer. The bar codes on cards are very accurate and clear from the camera. And even marked, these cards have no any difference from common playing cards. No matter what material you use, it can be marked perfectly. And, any brand of cards can be processed well. Used at games, the cards convey the cards’ result to inform you in advance. Knowing the poker result before cards dealt, you will play gambling cheat more successfully and confidently. In the end, winning will stand in your side.
The barcode marked cards can be customized as well. If you have any other requirements, just tell us and we will try our best to do them perfectly!