Wireless Mini Earphone for Poker Analyzer

The output device is the important part in poker analyzer system. If you use a poker analyzer in your game, the wireless mini earpiece is also a necessary part for you. 
The mini earphone used for poker analyzer is wireless and very mini. You can hide it into your ear deeply and nobody will find it at all. The wireless mini earphone will help you poker cheat more secretly and smoothly. After the poker analyzer decodes the poker result, the earphone will convey the result to you. And with the good quality and good concealment, it can offer you a clear result and other players around you will not hear anything. The battery of the wireless mini earphone can last 8 hours and if it powers off, you can change another battery. 
If you use the poker analyzer system to cheat in card playing games, the wireless mini earphone is also a good choice for your gamble cheat.