Wooden-square-bead Bracelet Poker Camera

Some of our poker cameras are intended for the edge marked cards  caught in your hand, like watch poker camera, wristband poker camera, sleeve cuff poker camera and son on. Here we take our wooden-square-bead bracelet poker poker camera for instance.

The wooden square beads of the bracelet are all strung together by a flexible cord. You can adjust the elastic degrees of the cord as you like. The tiny poker camera lens is hidden inside one of the beads, too concealable to be discovered by other people. With the bracelet being worn on your wrist, you can move the position of the bead according to where is good for the poker camera lens to scan edge marked cards.

The function of the poker camera lens in poker cheat is to first scan edge marked cards quickly, then collect the cards’ information accurately, and last transfer the collected data to your poker analyzer immediately, no matter it’s PK King, CVK or AKK series.As soon as your poker analyzer completes the analysis of the data, it will tell you the poker result of each round. With a tiny earpiece worn in your ear, you will be the only one who knows what your poker analyzer says.

If you are interested in  our wooden-square-bead bracelet poker camera, welcome to contact us!