Wrist Strap Barcoded Playing Cards Scanner

Our wrist strap barcoded playing cards scanner, with a single poker camera lens to scan barcoded playing cards, is intended for poker dealers.

Scanning distance:
The poker camera lens installed on the wrist strap is only capable of scanning the barcoded playing cards cards caught in your hand.
Scanning ability:
The poker camera lens can scan barcoded playing cards quickly, collect all the cards’ information accurately and transfer the collected data to a poker analyzer immediately -- CVK, AKK, PK King or MDA...
Good concealment:
Wearing a piece of clothes with long sleeves can makr it difficult for other people to discover the wrist strap barcoded playing cards scanner.
Working Time:
In order for the scanner to work, you need to connect it to a power bank for power supplying and put the power bank in the inner pocket of the clothes you wear. In that case, it can keep working for many hours.
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