Wristwatch Edge Marked Cards Scanner

It’s not uncommon to see some people wearing wristwatch in our daily lives. For the punctual ones who want to cheat in poker games by means of poker analyzer system, wristwatch is an ideal choice as edge marked cards scanner for them.

The wristwatch we sell features fashionable appearance and fine workmanship. It looks as normal as those people usually use, but actually, a poker camera lens, which is completely concealable and impossible to be discovered by other players, is fixed inside the wristwatch.

The scanning distance of the camera lens is 20-40cm. With the wristwatch being worn on your wrist, you can move the scanner according to where is good for the camera lens to scan barcode marked cards that have been shuffled already.

After the scanning, the camera lens will collect the cards’ information and then transfer the data to a poker analyzer. It can work with different types of poker analyzers, like CVK 500 and AKK K4, which also are available from our company.

As soon as the poker analyzer finishes analyzing the data, you will hear the poker results through the mini earpiece in your ear. In this case, nobody else but you can know the poker results in advance.

In addition to wristwatch, we can also process other things, such as  power bank, car key, wallet, lighter, ashtray and so on, into edge marked cards scanner. If you like our wristwatch edge marked cards scanner or prefer another one, please feel free to contact us!