cheating Dice Cup

an introduction of our cheating Dice Cup ,which it’s helpful for you to win dice game easily. Dice game is a popular form of gambling in casinos. Winning dice game is primarily decided by good luck, while we have developed an advanced cheating dice cup to help you win a lot of money easily and frequently. The dice tray and the dice are processed so that they can be controlled easily by a remote control. When shaking the dice, you can change the dice results directly by using the remote control. Just a simple action, you can make a huge achievement. The dice cup can be customized in accordance with your requirement. Whatever your dice cup model or ours are acceptable. This kind of dice cup is widely used in home games, club games, and so on. The cup base can be charged, and the cup can be used for more than 8 hours. This dices looks like normal dice ,But we put some magic in it ,So that you can change the point of dice by the controller in your hand.Firstly,Desktop which must be placed on the underside of the table that the game of dice is played on for this product to work.After that,put the dices on the desktop.It is more accurate when the dice approachs the center of the desktop.You can press the buttons of the remote control to change the point of dices and the dices will jump to the point you want.The dice board can control 6 dices at the same time. You can control the point of the dice which you want to turn up by using the remote control in 20 meters no matter the barriers is, even there is a person or a wall. You can control one of two or control two dices at the same time. If you have demand for this dice cup, please feel free to contact us.